plotting in the sheet dimension

Hi there,

Amazing tool gnumeric is!

I have a doubt on data range selection,

for example, it is easy to set a cell to give me the SUM of Sheet1:Sheet4!C18
this will sum up the values in Sheet1!C18, Sheet2!C18 up to Sheet4!C18.

However, if I want to plot these values like X = "labels" and Y=C18
values of the different sheets
the command "Sheet1:Sheet4!C18" on the value entry won't give me the
result I want.

Can someone give me an hint on this?
I like to think of spreadsheets as 3D cubes of data, where one can go
on the row dimension,
the column dimension and the sheet dimension. I am not being able to
plot on the sheet dimension :-x

Thank you in advance!
And greetings for your work!

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