Re: gnumeric natively on Mac OSX

I think the basic principle is that you find a gtk3+ application
that compiles and run in the environment you want.

Once you have that going, Gnumeric isn't too hard: it's
basically just the libgsf, goffice, and gnumeric modules
on top of gtk+.


On Fri, Dec 12, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Frédéric Parrenin
<parrenin ujf-grenoble fr> wrote:
Actually I am realizing that the gimp version running on OSX is based on
gtk2 so it might not be so easy with gnumeric-1.12 and gtk3.

Anyway, meanwhile, it would be good to list on gnumeric's website the 'not
so easy' ways to install gnumeric on osx via fink, macports or homebrew.

Best regards,


2014-12-12 23:36 GMT+01:00 Frédéric Parrenin <parrenin ujf-grenoble fr>:

Dear all,

Gnumeric is now a great tool for science, with efficient and accurate
sheet calculations and capable graphing capabilities.
As a scientist, I would like very much to see it running natively on Mac
Many scientists are now using OSX and if gnumeric was easy to install and
run on those systems, I am sure it would have a large success.

Other gtk+ applications, like gimp, have been ported to run natively on
OSX so if I understand correctly, there is no big obstacle to do the same
for gnumeric.

What could be our strategy for this port to occur?
Should we contact gtk-osx experts and ask them?

On my side, I don't have enough skills/time to do it by myself but I might
be able to provide a new mac computer for somebody wanting to tackle this
issue. Please contact me in this case.

Best regards,


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