gnumeric natively on Mac OSX

Dear all,

Gnumeric is now a great tool for science, with efficient and accurate sheet calculations and capable graphing capabilities.
As a scientist, I would like very much to see it running natively on Mac OSX.
Many scientists are now using OSX and if gnumeric was easy to install and run on those systems, I am sure it would have a large success.

Other gtk+ applications, like gimp, have been ported to run natively on OSX so if I understand correctly, there is no big obstacle to do the same for gnumeric.

What could be our strategy for this port to occur?
Should we contact gtk-osx experts and ask them?

On my side, I don't have enough skills/time to do it by myself but I might be able to provide a new mac computer for somebody wanting to tackle this issue. Please contact me in this case.

Best regards,


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