Fw: Gnumeric Library API Vs Libspreadsheet API

I checked the libspreadsheet library home page link "http://wow.curseforge.com/addons/libspreadsheet/pages/lib-spreadsheet-api/" and the APIs seem to be C++/Lua/Object-Oriented-like.

For example:
mySheet = myBook:Add("My first sheet");
mySheet = myBook:Add("My second sheet");
mySheet = myBook:Select("My first sheet"); -- Get the first sheet again

From what I observe, the above example's syntax seems to reflect purely Object/Class-centric syntax, and could not be directly invoked from a pure C program, could it?
Are there bingings for C too, then?

Or am I looking at the wrong libspreadsheet library that Gnumeric uses?

Also, on my Ubuntu 12.04 system when I tried to install the "libspreadsheet" source, these below results came up:

root@: source libspreadsheet- <TAB>
libspreadsheet-parseexcel-perl libspreadsheet-ruby1.9.1
libspreadsheet-parseexcel-simple-perl libspreadsheet-ruby-doc
libspreadsheet-read-perl libspreadsheet-writeexcel-perl
libspreadsheet-ruby libspreadsheet-xlsx-perl

None of these seem to provide any APIs for C.

Could you please point me to the C interface of the libspreadsheet library, or how I could obtain it in any way?

Sorry for sticking to this question for too long, but the Gnumeric/Libspreadsheet APIs seem too programmatically tempting to let go off :).

Thanks & Regards,

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libspeadsheet is a C library, not C++.


Le lundi 16 septembre 2013 à 23:46 -0700, soumik Banerjee a écrit :
> Gnumeric uses Libspreadsheet internally to parse spreadsheets.
> The Libspreadsheet API however, is in C++, and I want to confine my
> spreadsheet searching app entirely to C.
> Could I make use of Gnumeric APIs or Libspreadsheet APIs from my own C
> application (by linking my C app to either of the libraries) without
> having to put my code inside the code base of gnumeric. How could I do
> that?
> This question is in continuation to the previous thread
> https://mail.gnome.org/archives/gnumeric-list/2013-September/msg00014.html.
> Thanks in Advance,
> Catapult.
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