[resolved] countif(range, expression) unimplemented

Good morning all,

the discussion of my issues in the french Ubuntu-Forum (which I prefer
for many reasons from the english version, my speaking German not being
one), produced the "solution" to the "missing-functions"-problem.

I still cannot call it a "solution", though, as I am intolerant against
the way, these things are organised.

With my version Gnumeric 1.12.0, that I had compiled from sources
*before* updating Ubuntu from 12.10 to 13.04, came a version of the
libgoffice-0.10 library.

With the update of Ubuntu and Gnumeric, a newer version of libgoffice
was initially *not* installed, because my choice of having my own
version of the library was honored.

I enforced the re-installation and the object files were installed
alright. A test for a "missing symbol" go_linear_solve_multiple
succeeded and the error message that gnumeric produced upon startup was
thus a mystery.

Until I found, that gnumeric 1.12.1 prefers to reference the old library
libgoffice-0.10 rather than the newer. I had to uninstall the old file
and now everything works and all functions are available.

The procedure may be standard and in accordance with no matter which
rule. I still find it ill-adapted. What can I do to keep two versions of
a libarry on my system and have a new version of Gnumeric reference the
one that corresponds ?

The french discussion is here:


On 20.05.2013 23:56, bat guano don blech e4ward com wrote:
Good evening,

On 18.05.2013 18:40, Andreas Guelzow wrote:
So this is an installation problem. Somewhere on your system you should

The XML and the "dynamic" libraries are present for fn-math and also for
fn-stat but both do not work. The other functions appear to be okay.
By the way, there is not one statical library found anywhere in the

It appears that on your system, Gnumeric can find
since otherwise it would not know that countif even existed and you
could not 'activate' the plugin, but Gnumeric fails to find at least one

I would suggest you try to reinstall Gnumeric. If that does not help, it
should be a distribution (i.e. Ubuntu) issue.

Thank you, this is my guess, too. The discussion in the Ubuntu-forum
(fr) is continued and so far we have arrived at verifying the same
parameters as here. I am curious to read the next comments.








On Fri, 2013-05-17 at 23:57 +0200, bat guano don blech e4ward com wrote:
Good evening Tim, and good evening List.
On 17.05.2013 23:32, Tim Schofield wrote:

I think it should have read:


Unfortunately, I have tried both (and more).

note the comma, not the semicolon. At least that works for me.

The result remains the same. Also, if you ignore the semicolon, I really
proceded like in my original post. Gnumeric itself should know how to
construct the formula. ;-)

In the meantime, I have written two python functions, one for "count in
rows" and one fo "count in columns" as the ranges are not comfortable to
work with. These functions replace countif, at least in the current context.

As regards the missing countif in 1.12.1, I have posted the question to
the french Ubuntu forum. For the time, nobody has really answered in a
way which could clarify, if the error is specific to the Ubuntu-package
in 13.04.

I might try the same in the german and the english forums. Re-installing
from the resources of the Linux-distribution has not changed anything.

Good night,



On 17 May 2013 13:36, <bat guano don blech e4ward com
<mailto:bat guano don blech e4ward com>> wrote:

    trying to count all occurences of "x" in a line, I chose from the
    function-dropdown "mathematics", then countif and completed the formula
    The result is an error "function implementation unavailable". The
    message is translated from the German locale that I use but should be
    all in all identic in English.

    I do not ask for a fix, as I am quicker writing the missing function in
    Python. ;-)



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