Python Scripting

To the implementors and documenters:

Congratulations!  I have never been able to get python scripting working on any office application.  Now 
things on numeric have begun to jell.  I hope the API is near ready for finalization.  I did note a few minor 
errors and omissions in the 1.12 documentation:

(1) the links to my_func and plugin.xml in section are broken.

(2) I was getting a value error when attempting to duplicate code in section  I observed that 
begin_col, begin_row, end_col, end_row were of type float.  I made a slight modification:
begin_col = int(columns[0][0]) - 1,
etc and that seemed to fix the problem I was having.

I have been testing on lubuntu 13.04 with Gnumeric 12.1.1.  Again thanks for your efforts.


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