Inaccessible data in cells

Hi all!

I have some .gnumeric spreadsheet files that load really slow and seem
to be too big for what they contain. As an example, I have created an
almost empty .gnumeric file, which is too big and seems to contain
inaccessible data. The file is here:

It's about 400 kB in size. The only cell that contains *something* is
A2 in Sheet1. I created the file from the gnumeric menu File->New and
then copy-pasted one cell from an affected big spreadsheet file to the
cell A2. Then I tried deleting the stuff in A2 by using menu
Edit->Clear on the cell. I cleared "Formats & Hyperlinks" and
"Contents". The option "Comments" was greyed out. Then I saved the
Normally an empty .gnumeric like this is only a few kB, but this one is 400 kB.

If I apply Edit->Clear->All on the cell A2, and save the file, then
the inaccessible data seems to get cleared.

What is this inaccessible data? Can I view and inspect it somehow? Is
there a simple way to delete it without having to clear everything
else too? I have no idea how it got there in the first place.

My gnumeric version is 1.10.17 (package version 1.10.17-1.1 in Debian Wheezy).

Colin Ekberg

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