Re: Inaccessible data in cells

Your file contains a large jpeg image (around 516 kBytes) reduced to nul
size so you can't see it or not even select it. Looks like there is no
way to select all sheet objects in a range. Might be a missing feature.

If you want to see the image, you should uncompress the file and edit it
with your preferred text editor, change the offset for the image to
something like 0, 0, 1, 1 so that it fills the whole cell, save and
reopen in gnumeric.


Le dimanche 06 janvier 2013 à 18:35 +0200, coekbe a écrit :
Hi all!

I have some .gnumeric spreadsheet files that load really slow and seem
to be too big for what they contain. As an example, I have created an
almost empty .gnumeric file, which is too big and seems to contain
inaccessible data. The file is here:

It's about 400 kB in size. The only cell that contains *something* is
A2 in Sheet1. I created the file from the gnumeric menu File->New and
then copy-pasted one cell from an affected big spreadsheet file to the
cell A2. Then I tried deleting the stuff in A2 by using menu
Edit->Clear on the cell. I cleared "Formats & Hyperlinks" and
"Contents". The option "Comments" was greyed out. Then I saved the
Normally an empty .gnumeric like this is only a few kB, but this one is 400 kB.

If I apply Edit->Clear->All on the cell A2, and save the file, then
the inaccessible data seems to get cleared.

What is this inaccessible data? Can I view and inspect it somehow? Is
there a simple way to delete it without having to clear everything
else too? I have no idea how it got there in the first place.

My gnumeric version is 1.10.17 (package version 1.10.17-1.1 in Debian Wheezy).

Colin Ekberg
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