Re: Graph for stocks (share market) in Open-High-Low-Close candlesticks format

> I wish to draw chart from shares data in "Open-High-Low-Close" format.
> In other spreadsheet softwares, "stock - OHLC" format is there by
> default (aka japanese candlesticks).
> In gnumeric, I did not find it.

It's called MinMax Plot. Most of classical stock plots need a mix of
several plots in Gnumeric.

I tried it. But it is not what I am talking about. (or maybe I have not understood how to extract the juice I require from it).
It doesn't give 'candlestick'.

The docs, are also not complete (work in progress).

> I opened one file saved by MS Excel containing candlestick chart and
> opened it in gnueric.
> It shows the chart correctly. That means gnumeric can display
> candlesticks.
> But .... configuration options are very limited (I can't configure the
> source data).
> How do I configure it in gnumeric?

Configuration options are not so limited. Right click on the chart, and
select Properties. In the dialog, select the Series, then the Data tab.
There you can set the data.
For open/close data, use a Dropbar plot.

Hope this helps.

Under 'open-low', it shows 'min-max'. It is confusing.
Again, how to specify 'close'?

I didn't find it intuitive.
In fact, specifying OHLC is an explicit way.

-- Vineet

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