Re: A serious flaw in gnumeric's "close" procedure

2012/10/4, Morten Welinder <mortenw gnome org>:

What you are observing is the regular freeing on data and expressions
in the workbook that happens when you close it.  It's normally a
sub-second process, but when the machine is swapping all bets are

Obviously we could just call exit(1) if the situation where you are closing
the last window and the process therefore will exit.  We have chosen
not to because one path helps with debugging.

Believe me, for the users it's too painful way to do debugging. It
took today about 45 minutes just to close gnumeric's window. I wasn't
able to use the computer during that time, since it has been almost
completely blocked because of continuous swapping.

Consider, please, inventing some other way. Maybe it should find out
first, how much time it'll take with debugging "on" - and when it
estimates, that it'll take more than 10 seconds, it should let the
user go without involving him into debugging. Obviously it shouldn't
bother user at all, when the machine is swapping.

If you can share the sheet we can look and see if there is a problem
that is causing us to use unreasonable amounts of memory.

Alas, I'm not allowed to. It was Excel's xlsx file with more than 1
million of rows, about 20 columns "wide". There was "pure data" in
cells (no expressions).

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