A serious flaw in gnumeric's "close" procedure


today I decided to give gnumeric a shot, when having need to take a
look at large (more than 1 million pos.) spreadsheet. Obviously,
either gnumeric itself, or my machine (Athlon 2-core with 2 GB RAM)
were not suitable for such task. Opening the spreadsheet took so long
(after several minutes the machine started to swap), that of course I
decided to abandon the work, since the work simply wasn't possible in
such conditions.

And then surprise: although I clicked "Discard the changes", it is
STILL ENDING ITS WORK (more than 1/2 hour now!). I'm waiting
patiently, until it finishes, since I'm not sure, how many - and where
- temporary files will be left, if I "kill" its process. But why all
this heavy work? All it had to do, when I decided to not save changes,

1. Erase all its temporary files.
2. Release all allocated RAM and swap memory.
3. ...and close all its windows. That's it!

It's working very hard instead, allowing me just to type this message
(the machine is still swapping).

Slackware Linux amd64, kernel 3.6, Gnumeric 1.10.14

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