Re: Autocomplete and DropDown box issues

On Thu, 2012-11-29 at 19:59 +0000, Thomas P. Medill wrote:
Recently installed Gnumeric Spreadsheet 1.10.16 under Win7/64 and have a couple issues:

- Autocomplete does not work. I have it checked under
Edit-Preferences-Tools, but it acts as though it is turned off. I am
assuming that it should work same as in Excel, namely, that it looks
for matches above in same column.

You cannot turn Autocomplete on by using Edit-Preferences-Tools. That
setting only affects whether new views of a document have autocomplete
turned on. It does not affect existing views. For an existing view you
need to use View->ViewProperties

- I created a drop down box using Data-Validate-"In a list". I can
open the box using Alt-DownArrow, but I cannot figure out how to move
down my list using the keyboard. It works when navigated with a mouse,
but I need a keyboard method. In Excel, you navigate the list using
the up and down arrows and then hit Enter on desired item.

I can navigate in it using the he up and down arrows and then hit Enter
on desired item. 

Of course I am not using a recent version of Gnumeric on Linux.


Andreas Guelzow <aguelzow pyrshep ca>

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