Manual page of ssconvert

Unable to execute " man ssconvert", as suggested from "  "Converting Files".
ssconvert is located in my C:\Program Files (x86) Gnumeric/1.10.16/bin/    .
Have been able to execute "ssconvert --list-importers", but Not "man ssconvert".
The message I get is "man ssconvert" is not recognized. ( from the bin listed above ? )
my system : Hp Pavilion core 13 running Win 7.; Hard drive 1.+ terabytes , 8GB main memory.. 

Have printed "converting Files", " File formats" and especially "Quattro pro File Format".  ( My goal is to convert existing QuATTRO pRO FILES  to gnum  or formats. ) 
What help can you offer? once I was pretty handy with DOS commands.  what am I overlooking here ?   All guidance appreciated.

Have a Great Day !  Dick Bingham from DickBinFla gmail com

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