Re: How to insert names (NEW USER)

Thanks a million Jean, now I see, works fine.  Really appreciate the help.

Jean Bréfort-2 wrote:

Select the cell you want to give a name to and press Ctrl+F3, then you
must click on the appropriate + sign (add the name to the workbook or to
the sheet). You can also acess this dialog usint the Edit/Modify/Names
menu entry.


Le dimanche 16 octobre 2011 à 09:29 -0700, Bob1936 a écrit :
I just do not understand how to use the Insert Name feature of Gnumeric. 
have searched this forum and all available Gnumeric documentation, made
numerous Google searches and still am not able to use names.

I am using the Windows version, 1.10.14, of Gnumeric, with Wndows 7.

As an illustration, I have a cell with EB in it, and the cell just to the
right of this has the value 1000 in it.  I want to be able to use "EB" in
formulas rather than the row and column containing 1000.  I am very
with EXCEL and have no problem using names there.  But I am completely
baffled by Gnumeric.  The documentation just doesn't go into any detail
all on the procedure to follow once you click on Insert Name.   I would
much appreciate any help, preferably step by step instructions.
Thanks in advance

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