Re: How to insert names (NEW USER)

Select the cell you want to give a name to and press Ctrl+F3, then you
must click on the appropriate + sign (add the name to the workbook or to
the sheet). You can also acess this dialog usint the Edit/Modify/Names
menu entry.


Le dimanche 16 octobre 2011 à 09:29 -0700, Bob1936 a écrit :
I just do not understand how to use the Insert Name feature of Gnumeric.  I
have searched this forum and all available Gnumeric documentation, made
numerous Google searches and still am not able to use names.

I am using the Windows version, 1.10.14, of Gnumeric, with Wndows 7.

As an illustration, I have a cell with EB in it, and the cell just to the
right of this has the value 1000 in it.  I want to be able to use "EB" in
formulas rather than the row and column containing 1000.  I am very familiar
with EXCEL and have no problem using names there.  But I am completely
baffled by Gnumeric.  The documentation just doesn't go into any detail at
all on the procedure to follow once you click on Insert Name.   I would very
much appreciate any help, preferably step by step instructions.
Thanks in advance

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