Saving a graph theme

I'm pretty new to Gnumeric and really love it so far. I only have one
annoyance with it and that's the fact that I can't save my custom graph
styles. I can choose between the "Default" or "Guppi" styles and I even have
the option to "Forget user styles", but no way to save the style I just

As of now, I simply copy and paste my graphs between documents and the
change the data series, but I think it would be a great addition to Gnumeric
if one was able to actually save custom user styles for graphs. I will admit
I don't a lot about coding so if there for some reason isn't possible to
create new styles, maybe there could be a "Save as default" option added
which would just modify the content of the default graph style setting.

I have read the thread,
but since that was almost two years ago I'm hoping for an update.

Regards and thank you for a great program,

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