Re: Multi-Line in one cell Issue


On Wed, 2011-05-04 at 14:27 +0800, heefan wrote:
I found a issue about multi-line in one cell.
Firstly shortcut key Alt-Enter is not working.

Could you elaborate on this? Note that the wrap does not show in the
edit box above the sheet but you should see the newline in the cell
proper. (At least it works for me in Gnumeric 1.101.13 and Ubuntu

Which locale and keyboard layout are you using?

Second, I selected one cell and right-click to 'Format 1cell'. And then 
I tick 'Wrap Text'. It works.
But if I select all the cells or many  cells, and right-click to format 
all of them, I still some of the cells are not set.

Wrap Text does not do what you likely expect if you also have the
horizontal alignment set to fill. So please check the format of the
cells were wrap-text does not seem to work.

If you still see a problem please file a report in,
ideally with a sample file showing the problem.


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