Re: Saving a graph theme

First of all, don't take this message into account if you received a first reply. I thought I had sent it, bur the message does not appear in the sent directory.

Graph themes can now be loaded from files. The file structure is described at Anyway, I'm not sure anybody ever wrote a full theme file.
You might also be interested by Things there are not yet implemented.
Il you want a "save as default" command, please file an enhancement request at, product libgoffice (or gnumeric).

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Le dimanche 15 mai 2011 à 21:33 -0700, cheflo a écrit :
> I'm pretty new to Gnumeric and really love it so far. I only have one
> annoyance with it and that's the fact that I can't save my custom graph
> styles. I can choose between the "Default" or "Guppi" styles and I even have
> the option to "Forget user styles", but no way to save the style I just
> created.
> As of now, I simply copy and paste my graphs between documents and the
> change the data series, but I think it would be a great addition to Gnumeric
> if one was able to actually save custom user styles for graphs. I will admit
> I don't a lot about coding so if there for some reason isn't possible to
> create new styles, maybe there could be a "Save as default" option added
> which would just modify the content of the default graph style setting.
> I have read the thread
> but since that was almost two years ago I'm hoping for an update.
> Regards and thank you for a great program,
> Joel

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