Re: PyWorkbooks - now with distutils, pdf documentation, and works with excel as well as Gnumeric

On 03/20/11 17:14, Cloudform C wrote:
I did alot of work.  I split the base class and built both Excel and
Gnumeric variants on top of it.  I made it work with distutils (with a script) and added doctest documentation. 

You should be able to just install it, import it, and run it.  Tell me
what you think

There's a typo in 'PyWorkbooks Documentation.pdf' on p. 5 which contains:

  >>> from PyWorkbooks.GnWorkbooks import GnWorkbooks

but should use 'GnWorkbook' instead of 'GnWorkbooks'.

Also, although it's not a typo, on p. 6 there's:

  all addressing is in row,col form

however, in all spreadsheets, the addressing is in col,row form.
For example:


is column B row 3.  It would be easier for someone used to this
spreadsheet col,row addressing to transition to using PyWorkbooks
if PyWorkbooks also used col,row addressing.



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