Last Email about PyWorkbooks: Anyone want to help?

So this will be my last email about PyWorkbooks unless I run into bugs with Gnumeric itself, or I make a significant update that helps Gnumeric specifically.  I thought I would just do a call out to you guys and ask if anyone is interested in helping me develop it.  So far I have used it at work to analyze data that would have been a pain otherwise.  What I am saying is that it is already in solid Beta, and I can see it working with Open Office and Google Spreadsheets not too far in the future.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I need bug reports and publicity more than anything (well, another developer would also help...), and anybody that uses PyWorkbooks (even if for excel) is going to hear about Gnumeric, so advertising PyWorkbooks is good publicity for Gnumeric.  I'm planning on adding some more positive statements about Gnumeric in my documentation as well (it is SO much better than Open Office in my opinion.  I also like it better than Excel).

So if you could I encourage you to get out the word, through whatever means you have available.  I also encourage you to try it.  Even if you have no familiarity with Python, this should be easy to pick up and use.  Python is an excellent, easy to pick up language (I have been coding for less than 3 months ON THE SIDE and I built this), and the tutorial is written with the newbie in mind.

Thanks for your support thus far, and hopefully we can eventually directly integrate GnWorkbook completely into Gumeric.


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