RE: PyWorkbooks - now with distutils, pdf documentation, and works with excel as well as Gnumeric

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...Also, although it's not a typo, on p. 6 there's:

all addressing is in row,col form

however, in all spreadsheets, the addressing is in col,row form.
For example:


is column B row 3. It would be easier for someone used to this
spreadsheet col,row addressing to transition to using PyWorkbooks
if PyWorkbooks also used col,row addressing.

I would rather keep the Python convention for numeric addresses
like "MyBook[2,1] = cell B3 in the current sheet of "MyBook" (so 
that the matrix would have the equivalent form to the spreadsheet).
You can use the "B3" style of address using strings, in which case
it is actually "col, row".

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