Re: Where are plugin functionality descriptions?

This plugin should not appear for now, but it seems that we don't have an API for hiding it. It's purpose is to embed a gnumeric sheet inside a client application supporting the Goffice component system (only Abiword does, AFAIK).


Le lundi 21 mars 2011 à 12:00 -0600, Andreas J. Guelzow a écrit :
On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 12:10 -0500, Larry Evans wrote:
> > Now, I could resort to looking in the bottom section
> > of the "Plugin List" tab, but that just shows
> >   Spreadsheets
> > Is that the category of the plugin?  IOW, to find the
> > functions in this plugin, I'd select the function icon,
> > f(x), at the top toolbar and look for "Component :Genumeric".
> > OOP, it's not there; hence, I've no idea what that plugin
> > does :(
> >
> > It would be nice to have some easily inferred way to
> > find out what a plugin does.  Maybe a URL link in the
> > "Plugin List" tab when the Plugin is selected?
> >
> That bottom section in the "Plugin List" tab is supposed to give a
> description what the plugin is supposed to do. Unfortunately in some
> (many?) of the plugins that description does not fulfill this
> requirement.
> (I am a Gnumeric developer and don't even know what the
> "Component :Gnumeric" plugin is supposed to do.)
> Please feel free to file bug reports if you think that the plugin
> description does not tell you what the pluin is used for (remembering
> thatthe description needs to be brief). A complete description of the
> plugin should be in the manual.
> Andreas
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