Re: Where are plugin functionality descriptions?

On Mon, 2011-03-21 at 12:10 -0500, Larry Evans wrote:

Now, I could resort to looking in the bottom section
of the "Plugin List" tab, but that just shows
Is that the category of the plugin?  IOW, to find the
functions in this plugin, I'd select the function icon,
f(x), at the top toolbar and look for "Component :Genumeric".
OOP, it's not there; hence, I've no idea what that plugin
does :(

It would be nice to have some easily inferred way to
find out what a plugin does.  Maybe a URL link in the
"Plugin List" tab when the Plugin is selected?

That bottom section in the "Plugin List" tab is supposed to give a
description what the plugin is supposed to do. Unfortunately in some
(many?) of the plugins that description does not fulfill this

(I am a Gnumeric developer and don't even know what the
"Component :Gnumeric" plugin is supposed to do.)

Please feel free to file bug reports if you think that the plugin
description does not tell you what the pluin is used for (remembering
thatthe description needs to be brief). A complete description of the
plugin should be in the manual.


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