Re: Histogram "Bins" tab options problem

On Tue, 2011-02-08 at 15:22 -0500, Daniel P. Dougherty wrote:
Sorry if this starts to sound rant-ish  (it's really not).

We always like feedback. Even if we might disagree with it heartily.

It might be cleaner to have a check box way back in the  "Graphs & Options" 
tab to provide the option to the user to normalize the frequencies by bin 
width rather than have the "Histogram chart" option forcibly (and silently) do 

The tool does not normalize frequencies at all. Having a "normalize
frequencies" option would imho mean that we should normalize the results
as shown by the tool on the sheet.

Histogram charts and column charts are distinct objects in Gnumeric. SO
that's why you need to choose which kind you would like. The former
causes the charting system to normalize. Perhaps we should add a note to
the histogram checkbox ("with normalized frequencies").

At my first user experience of the "Histogram Chart" option was that it was 
simply a "Column chart" with the Gap set to 0%.

That's a charting issue.

  This intuition turned out to 
be incorrect, but it's really what I thought as a first experience with that 
feature and I imagine probably what most first-time users experience with that 
feature.  So the "Histogram Chart" option not only looks different but 
_behaves_ differently which sort of sneaks up on you as a user and takes some 
time getting used to.

It's really not the "Histogram Chart option" but the "Histogram Chart"
that does that.

Note: There is already a tick box in the  "Graphs & Options" to get a 
cummulative view of the data so it seems appropriate to have a tick option to 
yes/no normalize by bin width there as well.

I think this would confuse things even more. If we normalize the
frequencies on the sheet itself then we would have to disable the
histogram option since we can't create  a histogram chart object

  Ok, yes the graphical histogram 
chart option has this functionality too so you can turn the cummulative aspect 
on/off without having to go back and redo but then it's only in the Histogram 
Chart option -- not there in the column or bar chart types. Getting a 
cummulative view is a nice feature -- but I think having the option to 
normalize (also) needs to be back  at the  "Graphs & Options" as a tick box 
for users that may want column chart type.  I imagine more users will know 
ahead-of-time if they want a cummulative histogram and would expect that such 
an option to come early in the work flow rather than as an option of the 
graphical object at the very end of their work flow as an after-thought.

if you think that there are really more than 2 or 3 users who would want
a "normalize frequencies" option than please file an enhancement request
at Of course we would then need to move that ahead
of the cutoff/bin choices since many of the bin choices are not feasible
for normalized frequencies.


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