Bug in selection intervals??

It used to be in prior versions of Gnumeric that you could select the entire 
column by clicking on the column header when doing a linear regression.  Now 
when I do this I just get gibberish. 

SUMMARY OUTPUT          Response Variable:      Column 2                        
Regression Statistics                                           
Multiple R      #VALUE!                                 
R^2     #VALUE!                                 
Standard Error  #VALUE!                                 
Adjusted R^2    #VALUE!                                 
Observations    #VALUE!                                 
        df      SS      MS      F       Significance of F       
Regression      1       #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! 
Residual        #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE!                 
Total   #VALUE! #VALUE!                         
        Coefficients    Standard Error  t-Statistics    p-Value Lower 95%       Upper 
Intercept       #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE!
Column 1        #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE! #VALUE!

Similar frustrations now also occur when trying to do a histogram.  Selecting 
an entire column without having to drag the entire region worked in previous 
versions of Gnumeric.  Why has this basic functionality disappeared?  Is this 
a bug in the new version??  Based on the output I'm seeing it seems to be a 
bug and have something to do with 65536 as the maximum number of rows is the 
Gnumeric sheet getting treated as data (possibly as zeros)  even though the 
cells are empty!!  Previous versions were smart enough to detect where in the 
block of real data ended and the empty cells started.

                Column 1
from −∞ to below 0.04003886889991       65511
from 0.04003886889991   to below 0.14538315034182       3
from 0.14538315034182   to below 0.25072743178374       4
from 0.25072743178374   to below 0.35607171322565       1
from 0.35607171322565   to below 0.46141599466757       5
from 0.46141599466757   to below 0.56676027610949       4
from 0.56676027610949   to below 0.6721045575514        1
from 0.6721045575514    to below 0.77744883899332       2
from 0.77744883899332   to below 0.88279312043524       1
from 0.88279312043524   to below 0.98813740187715       2
from 0.98813740187715   to ∞    2

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