Re: GOffice: What should introduction documentation contain?

You might add that libgoffice_init and libgoffice_shutdown can be called
several times. Any code calling libgoffice_init should call
libgoffice_shutdown when done. init increments a counter and shutdown
decremen,ts it. When the counter reaches 0, the created structures are
released/freed/whatever is appropriate to get rid of them.

I was wrong earlier today, documentation should go to .c files, not .h.

Le mercredi 15 septembre 2010 à 21:07 +0200, Jon Nordby a écrit :
On Wed, 2010-09-08 at 16:23 +0200, Jon Nordby wrote:
I'm intend to write some short introduction/high-level documentation for
GOffice and add it to the existing gtk-doc based documentation. 

Attached is some initial patches, please review. Note that I don't have
GNOME git access, so just push it if it looks good.

On my TODO list:
 - API docs for the things I found unclear when using the library
 - Example code for most-used parts of graph API

Hopefully we can also solve how to document roles and the
names/properties of the default plot implementations. With those things
solved, we should have a workable experience for users who want to do
simple graph stuff with GOffice.

I'm on holidays untill monday, so I might not respond before then.
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