GOffice: What should introduction documentation contain?

I'm intend to write some short introduction/high-level documentation for
GOffice and add it to the existing gtk-doc based documentation. 

Here are the topics that I'm hoping to cover (small page for each

Purpose and scope of the library
History - just mention that the code was previously in gnumeric?
Status - functionality, API/ABI stability, bindings?
Related projects - libgsf. Gnumeric and Gnucash uses it

Graph / document object hierarchy
Extensive use of abstract classes

How to create a graph and add data to it
How to add legend, titles, labels to a plot

Any other topics that should be covered?

Note that I'm going to have to ask for help in writing and reviewing, as
I'm very new to GOffice.

Regards Jon Nordby - www.jonnor.com
Openismus GmbH - www.openismus.com

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