Re: GOffice: What should introduction documentation contain?

On Wed, 2010-09-08 at 17:56 +0200, Jean Bréfort wrote:
Le mercredi 08 septembre 2010 à 16:23 +0200, Jon Nordby a écrit :
I'm intend to write some short introduction/high-level documentation for
GOffice and add it to the existing gtk-doc based documentation. 


Any other topics that should be covered?

May be the canvas?
I must confess that I do not grasp what the canvas is about, so I will
be limiting myself to the graph stuff, which I have at least touched.
Hopefully someone else can cover the canvas? It doesnt have to be long.

Please note that we still have slots open for the Documentation Hackfest
in Berlin,
Great excuse to travel a bit and improve GNOME? ;)

Regards Jon Nordby -
Openismus GmbH -

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