Gnumeric on Mac OS X with GTK / Quartz


I have been working on building gnumeric on Mac OS X using GTK/Quartz (no X11).  Related to this effort, I 
have reported Bug #534134, Gnumeric does not seem to support XDG Base Directory Specification.

The XDG Base Directory Specification defines how an application can set various system paths at runtime. 
Supporting this standard will make it possible to integrate gnumeric more tightly into Mac OS X using 
application bundles and GTK's native Mac OS X code. Previous versions of gnumeric supported the -D and -L 
parameter, setting the program's shared data and library directories, respectively. However, this does not 
seem to be in 1.9+ (though it is listed by --help-all). If reimplementing the feature, the XDG specification 
might as well be supported instead.

See for the XDG Base Directory Standard.

See for my effort to bundle gnumeric for Mac OS X.


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