Re: Globally disable autocorrection of TWo Initial Capitals

You might disable the feature globally using Edit/Preferences, or add
there a list of strings that will not be corrected (although this might
be an almost infinite list).

Another way is to type ="HCl". This way there will be no autocorrection.

As you seem to be a chemist, I'd like to know if you would like
chemistry related functions in gnumeric and which. Currently, I added a
gnumeric plugin to the GNOME Chemistry Utils
( (development version only) with just one
function. Typing =molarmass("HCl") returns 34.4609 which should be
consistent with IUPAC atomic masses.


Le samedi 10 avril 2010 à 20:42 -0500, Janesko, Benjamin a écrit :
Hello.. I enter many chemical formulas into Gnumeric, several of which
(HCl, NH3, OMe(-)) have two initial capitals. Is it possible to
globally disable autocorrection of two initial capitals? Or do I have
to go through Tools>AutoCorrect>etc. for each new spreadsheet? Note
that there are too many different molecules to add an autocorrect
exception for each. (I'd love to permanently disable all
autocorrection/autoformatting, but that's probably too much to ask.) 


  Ben J. 
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