Re: postgreSQL



It's been a long time since I tried any of this, I'm also on centos but

To create a database source you have to do it with this tool:

Then to use it you should use for example:
ExecSQL (this is an array funtion, so you have to select an area and
then create a function for that area)
Don't have a clue about insert.

hope this helps, I only did it once some years ago so sorry if this does
not help or it's not what you're looking for

IMHO openoffice is a bit better for this, there you do have data sources

ps. If it does work maybe send this to the list



Thanks for the info - the links are interesting and may help - I think the
ubuntu 8.10 version ships without libgda support built in.

Re OOo - yeah it understands datasources but you have to use base as a
conduit to calc and it is SO sloooow.

In order to get this I guess I need to compile from source (question??) 



Martyn Shiner

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