Re: postgreSQL

Since no one has responded, I will describe my experience with a similar

problem.  However, note these caveats: I used Excel data* and the 
database was various versions of Sybase (11.x and 12.5.x).

The data I used were comment delimited extracts taken from the 
spreadsheets.  The syntax, as I remember it was along the lines of:

    INSERT [cdd**] INTO [tablename]

where I assume PostgreSQL would have similar operational syntax.  To 
work properly the ordering to the delimited data would have to 
correspond exactly the target table structure (i.e. the column 
ordering).  From my memory  data type attached to the column determined 
the stored value.  Thus, a gross mismatch of datatypes, e.g. a text 
string of non-numeric characters would corrupt your data when a float 
was expected.

Let me note too that datasets from Excel could use other characters to 
delimit data cells, e.g. space, quotes, etc.

I hope that helps a bit.

* Gnumeric seems to be quite similar in features and operation to Excel,

hence, this should not be an issue.

** comment delimited data (or other character delimiter)

Thanks for the information - I guessed this would be so as OOo also has
the column ordering/type restrictions.

My big problem is that I don't see ANY options for external data from a
database even though there is some reference to this in the docs. My
version is 1.8.3 from the ubuntu 8.10 repository - could it be that this
version is compiled without libgda support?



Martyn Shiner

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