Re: Preserving Leading Zeros in Gnumeric?

On Fri, 2009-03-20 at 13:49 -0700, Mark Gannon wrote:

I have an application where I would like to preserve the leading zeros for 
numbers.  I'm using Gnumeric version 1.8.4 on Gentoo.

In google-ing through the mail list I see some discussion from 2000, but 
nothing since.  Is there a way I can preseve the zeros?  It would extra great 
if there is a way to preserve them when saving to a XLS file.

What do you mean with preserving zeros?

If you are dealing in numbers than a custom format of 000000 will always
show 6 digits, if necessary with leading zeros. If you work with strings
then anything can be preserved.

Andreas J. Guelzow <aguelzow pyrshep ca>

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