Re: How to get rid of #VALUE!

Andreas J. Guelzow wrote:
On Sun, 2009-08-02 at 16:58 -0600, Larry Alkoff wrote:
I have a spreadsheet with only 3 calumns,
debits, credits and balance.

Starting from row 1 with a 0 balance,
my formula is

The formula is copied from the first entry and pasted about 150 rows down.

The formula seems simple enough but at row 50 I get repeated entries
of  $VALUE!  all the way down.

The column widths seem adequate.

Can anyone help?


this has nothing to do with column widths. Look a the first occurrence
of #VALUE and the content of the formula. It refers to three cells in
the debits,credits and balances columns. One of those cells is likely to
contain something unusual.

Thanks very much Andreas.

I really didn't know what was causing the problem,
but when I entered a simple numeral 1 in either the debit or credit column in a row that contained $VALUE!, about 10 to 40 rows would clear up. Just as you said although I discovered this by just experimenting. I did this "repair" about 4 times and cleared my entire spreadsheet.

Since the spreadsheet then was cleared up, I was satisfied
but am kind of wondering if there is a way to identify what caused the problem. FWIW, the original files (both .xls and .gnumeric) are still virgin. The original file was a .xls spreadsheet do who knows what was in there.

I'm slowly learning gnumeric as a refugee from a 1985 version of SuperCalc! Luckily it will export to a Lotus 123 format which gnumeric imports perfectly.

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