Gnumeric fails to launch after install on TinyMeLinux 2008.1 Droplet

I apologize in apologize in advance for my noobish knowledge of Linux.

I have an old laptop (Dell Latitude CPi) that is at least 8 yrs old that I
just installed TinyMeLinux 2008.1 (a PCLinuxOS derivative) on.  I
installed the "Droplet" version (no apps included) because I don't need
much--this is not my main computer.

I had installed only LyX, Opera, CUPS, and SAMBA, when I installed
Gnumeric.  When I type the command:

$ gnumeric

I get

/usr/bin/gnumeric: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib/
undefined symbol: g_dgettext

Any help with this error would be appreciated

Thanks in advance

Reginald D. Pierce
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