Re: Another try to get a response

I guess I am the unofficial webmaster of the Gnumeric home page.

The Win32 situation is that we do not have anyone with time, tools
and the right skill set to work on it.  Until that changes -- five years
and we're still waiting -- Win32 support will remain experimental.

Note, that the problems we face are not really Gnumeric problems,
but these things among others:

* Binary packaging; "installer"
* Integration with platform for, say, help system
* Glib/GTK+ bugs (or missing implementation) such as with printing

Don't underestimate the "GTK+ bugs" item here.  Even fairly
fundamental things have been known to be broken and the GTK+
team is unlikely to fix those bugs themselves.

So when we have something suitable for Grandma, we will package
and announce it accordingly.  Until then, I don't think we want to
change much.  But I just did add a news link to the latest binary.


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