Re: Sorting column of formulae destroys them.

Hello everyone,

Hal Ashburner wrote:
Peap wrote:
When I sort A22-A401, the vast majority of the cells display "#REF!". Within the cells, a seemingly random selection of first and second cell refs
became "#REF!".

you probably want to do something like copying A1:A401, edit->paste special->as values to another column, let's say col B.
Then you can sort column B.
You can't really sort formulas that have to be re-evaluated, only values.

This is a rather tricky question. There should be a possibility to preserve the formulas after a sort-operation, and, IF I am correct this is also possible:

- you have to rewrite the formulas as =$A$1 + $A$2, ...
- this should preserve the formula

Please note, this makes only sense IF you sort only the cells with the formulas (as you said A22-A401). It will yield nonsense IF you sorted A1-A401. [I actually did NOT test it on your specific example - but it should behave as anticipated.]



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