Re: Large test spreadsheets

Hello Morten, hello everyone,

Morten Welinder wrote:
In an effort to move away from puting the burden on the developers, I began
designing functions that would compute intrinsically faster by expanding
existing functions to array functions:

 - LOOKUP() and OFFSET()-functions will follow when I have some more time

I went another route with VLOOKUP/HLOOKUP/MATCH in very
recent versions of Gnumeric.  Basically, if the range is shared --
and that is quite common -- then lots of preprocessing of the range
is shared between cells.

Indeed, the range is most often shared for these functions. This is the reason for my array-function proposal, like:
= { VLOOKUP( array1, range2, ...) }

In essence, my intention is to make existing spreadsheets more like multidimensional spreadsheets so as to benefit from the advantages of a multidimensional model: the user will basically define generic relations between the dimensions (where dimension = column), and not between individual cells.
e.g. [column D] = VLOOKUP( [column A], [sheetX!column X], ... )

Actually, I plan a more powerful replacement to the LOOKUP/OFFSET-functions, in order to solve the user's needs without putting the emphasis on the user to solve the problem (let the spreadsheet solve it elegantly and mostly automatically).



I do not think there is a need to bother the user of the spreadsheet
with this.  If we discover (real-life) sheets where such repetitive
formulas using a common table cause serious problems, then it is
not hard to fix.


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