Re: Large test spreadsheets

On Sun, Jun 8, 2008 at 8:33 PM, bla blabla <chico lorotta gmail com> wrote:

do you guys know where i can get large spreadsheets (that take a very
long time to process) so i can use it for profiling? My idea is to
identify parts of the code that can be changed to exploit paralellism
(i'm using OpenMP).

The traditional way of getting such sheets is to take some formulas and
replicate then hundreds or thousands of times.  That is not particularly
useful to you as it will tell you that when replicated enough times, the
functions you use take up a lot of time.

Parallelism in a spreadsheet falls naturally at the level of cells: different
cells can, in principle, be computed by different threads as they by and
large are independent.  Actually implementing this will not be easy.


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