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Ralph Shumaker wrote:
Norman Frederick wrote:

Can this be done? Will it require a formula or an executable script(which I do not yet know how to write)?
Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I will learn!
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First of all, you have column D being both a date and a dollar amount. So let's assume that you meant that column E is the dollar amount.
You are correct. I goofed. C& E are dates, D & f are numbers.
If C and D are both in date format then you should be able to do it like this:
In cell Gn:
In cell Hn:

There may be a better way.  But I think that this will do what you want.
I cannot make this way work. I have tried using datedif to get the number of days but I do not get what I need (nor anything else). Is < a valid less than symbol? I have tried both < and -lt and a window pops up with both saying everything must be valid references. I need to go back to school and refresh my math and programming, but sweetthing says I am to old. Eighty-one ian't old!
Thanks for the help,
Norman Frederick

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