Re: Complex Calculations

Ralph Shumaker wrote:
Norman Frederick wrote:
Thanks, John Machin for reply. What I am trying to do is:
Column C and D are dates.
Column D and F are dollar numbers.
Column G is less than one year - 365 days.
Column H is greater than one year - 365 days.

Fred, you really need to make up your mind whether you need "a 365-day period" or a "year, allowing for leap years".

The operation I want to perform is:

IF datedif is less than 365 G =sum(Dn - Fn) else H=sum(Dn - Fn)

Can this be done?

Of course.

Will it require a formula or an executable script(which I do not yet know how to write)?

Two trivial formulas.

Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
I will learn!

Get yourself a tutorial book on using spreadsheet programs.


First of all, you have column D being both a date and a dollar amount. So let's assume that you meant that column E is the dollar amount.

If C and D are both in date format then you should be able to do it like this:
In cell Gn:
In cell Hn:

Firstly, this would imply that Fred's columns C to F are headed something like:
buy date / sell date / sell amt / buy amt
which is not a logical/sensible order.

Secondly, you don't need sum(En-Fn) ... just En-Fn is enough.

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