Re: Howto merge gnumeric files

On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 16:32 +0100, Hans Martin wrote:
Do a copy & paste of the whole sheet. Open two files and arrange the
windows so that you can see them both. Click on the tab of one file,
keep the button of your mouse pressed. You should see little arrows and
should be able to move the whole sheet to the other window.

Yes, this is exactly what I thought, but it does not work.
I see that little arrows, but moving the sheet does just
not happen. Same problem with gnumeric 1.6.3. Other ideas?

I just tried myself - you are right: it doesn't work. This looks like a
bug (it worked when I implemented it years ago). If noone else answers
to your mail, submit a bugreport on


Lutz Müller

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