Re: Howto merge gnumeric files

On Sun, 2008-02-17 at 15:36 +0100, Hans Martin wrote:
I'm new to spreadsheet programs - please help a newbie: 
I have three gnumeric files with one sheet each. I
like to have all three sheets in one file. In the
"manage sheets" window I don't find an appropriate 
function. Copy/paste looks like it is meant to work,
but it doesn't. Just adding a sheet and copying all
fields does not work, because column widths and row 
heights, maybe other information, will be lost. I'm 
using gnumeric 1.8.1. TIA!

Do a copy & paste of the whole sheet. Open two files and arrange the
windows so that you can see them both. Click on the tab of one file,
keep the button of your mouse pressed. You should see little arrows and
should be able to move the whole sheet to the other window.



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