Re: "complete installation package" / static binary / results cells

There is a common thread in the various posts on "complete installation
package" and results of computations cells. This is that it is sometimes
important to know how a package behaved at some particular point. This is
clearly not very important or relevant for most users, but for some of us
it can be.  I don't think it is something I expect the development team to
include as a default, but it would be nice to have easy (or at least
easier) ways to save this kind of information.


- As I'm planning to work on a build-bot for gnumeric (and R), I'm
thinking of looking into a static binary i.e., include everything. Not
what most folk want to have cluttering their hard drive, but maybe OK on
an archive DVD. And also folk with old distros could benefit from such a
binary, though it would be a bit of a heavy download. Has anyone attempted
this? I'd appreciate knowing and also any tips.

- Possibly a way to save the results cells with the XML. Could a Python
script perhaps do this e.g., copy to an added worksheet or worksheets "as
values"? I'm not a Python programmer, but if someone has something
similar, could probably kludge it. There are definitely times when I could
use such an add-in, and I suspect that it is not terribly complicated to
do things that way, but this approach would double the number of

Just my 2 cents (here where I'm visiting in Perth WA, that gets rounded to
zero! There's no penny. Sigh.)


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