Re: 1) 600K rows 2) Windows compiles, 3) missing values in graphs

For both the long rows and the missing values in graphs, I think R might be a relatively quick solution. R can read tabular data in CSV form and similar, and stores things in "data frames" that are like spreadsheets but with column type. And missing values are supported for many if not most of the capabilities. Note that Gnumeric and R have a long cooperative history together.

Compilations: I've been exchanging ideas with Jody about using a server I have to allow him to run builds. I've "sort of" got it running and installed jhbuild etc., no-password ssh logins, and tried a test build (failed because I'm missing a file or two, but getting there). Since Jody has plenty on his plate, if there's anyone with some experience running builds who wants to work with me to set up appropriate nice features, please get in touch off-list. I hope to set up a small set of web documentation that could answer some of the periodic questions on how to build and possibly offer scripts or other resources bundled from working builds. The server is a VM running Debian lenny. At the moment the host hardware is only at about 10% CPU tops, even supporting about 20 VMs. As long as there's no interference with those other VM applications, the U of Ottawa will be happy to allow a useful activity such as builds to be done. Apparently the VMWare scheduler is set up so we likely cannot be too greedy, though I propose to show proper etiquette and be watchful of resources used.


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