RE: Need a compiled version of Gnumeric that works with 600, 000 rows

Hi Jian

Thank you very much for your reply. I agree that a database or other
text processing programs such as perl or awk would be the eventual
solution to handle big files. In my application, I just need a simple
and easy-to-use program to sort, edit, and filter some rows. I have used
some Unix commands to handle such tasks, but I think an advanced
spreadsheet program such as Gnumeric would be much easier to use and
more efficient.

Unfortunately I do not have or know how to create such a version. In fact
I think it should be added as an option, like in the excellent (but
commercial) spreadsheet Quattro Pro included in the Office package
Wordperfect Office X3 (now owned by Corel). In this spreadsheet the user
can choose how many lines he wants in each spreadsheet (up to 1 million).
You can download a trial version and try for yourself.

Alternatively, you can use the excellent CSVed
( which works with csv files
(obviously) and is very powerful and easy to use (much faster than Quattro
Pro). You just need to enable the Sort function under Options (which is
disabled by default for data safety).

I hope this helps!

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