Re: GMAE build for libgsf


AbiWord doesn't require Bonobo, though there are various bits that it
may optionally use. The case mentioned below is dead code and can be
safely removed. Other places should live behind a conditional such as
"#ifdef HAVE_BONOBO". If they don't, that can be considered a bug and
should be fixed.

I also wonder if it might make sense to start a libgsf backend that
supports GVFS in the nearish future.


On 5/29/07, Ryan Pavlik <abiryan ryand net> wrote:

Eduardo Lima wrote:
> On 5/29/07, Ryan Pavlik <abiryan ryand net> wrote:
>> As AbiWord now uses libgsf throughout but does not require GNOME, I'm
>> guessing we don't use bonobo either, though I can't say for sure.
>> Ryan
> I've also searched in Abiword code and found some uses of gsf/bonobo
> in trunk. For example here:
> Where you can find a call to gsf_input_bonobo_new and another one to
> gsf_output_bonobo_new.
CC'ing the AbiWord list so that I don't pretend to be more of an expert
than I am.


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