Re: GMAE build for libgsf

Le lundi 28 mai 2007 à 23:02 -0300, Eduardo Lima a écrit :
Hi list,

As you all know, for the last two years I've been maintaining the port
of Gnumeric and its dependencies for the Maemo[1] platform. I must say
here it's being useful for many people and the users are very much
satisfied with it.

With the recently lauched GMAE[2] initiative, we now have a clear
picture of which GNOME components are being used in products based on
the mobile platform, such as Maemo, OLPC[3], OpenMoko[4] and Poky[5].

The libgsf port for Maemo is making use of gsf-gnome package, but only
the gnome-vfs bits and getting rid of bonobo related files from the
build manually. This is far from the ideal scenario, in which we
should have some magic in to figure out the correct

I've been thinking about it and I'd like to hear your opinions of
which should be the best and correct approach to get it done. My
initial idea is to keep the gsf-gnome as it is and create a new
directory called gsf-gmae which referenced the source files from
gsf-gnome and would generate a libgsf-gmae library including only the
gnome-vfs stuff.

Another solution would be to include the necessary checks for bonobo
in, and continue generating libgsf-gnome this time
without support for bonobo.

Do we still need bonobo support on any platform?

Best Regards, Etrunko.


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