Point labels on XY charts for gnumeric (on windows): any news?

On 15/10/2006 I asked ...

3. Charts (XY): So far, gnumeric does not allow to add labels to individual points on an x-y chart. I would propose to add a labels property to the series object which can be linked to a range on the sheet. This way one can set the labels via another column in the data. This is something "calc" can do, but "Excel" cannot. It would be very useful, though. The icing on the cake would be if one could even control the label format (size, font, color, orientation) via data ranges, but Xmas is still far away.
Jean Brefort answered
Labels are something which should be implemented when developer becomes
available; as you wrote we are not at Xmas. Controling the styles via
data ranges would be quite difficult IMHO and is not planned.
Today I again needed it (labels to points on x-y chart) ... This has become one of the main remaining obstacles to using Gnumeric in my day to day work and with clients. Is there hope?



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