Gnumeric 1.7.11

Gnumeric 1.7.11 aka 'The GO train' is now available.  This starts
the run up towards 1.8 in the fall with lots of polish and patching.
The win32 build is also getting some love.  I have not checked on
how to make a fancy shmansy installer just yet but here's a tarball
of the necessary binaries and docs
that patches some of the missing features in 1.7.10.  There are
still issues with print preview somewhere in cairo that we're
looking into.

There was of fun trying trying to implement some minor new features
and importing/exporting them from OOX and ODF at the same time.

Have fun

As always the source is available at

        * Save and restore default paper, margins and various
          other print settings
        * Handle differences in page setup between sheets when
          printing multiple sheets
        * Fix handling of "print even if only style". [#438743]
        * Implement printing of row and column headers
        * Fix saving of null header/footer items [#449836]
        * Fix TINV for large degree of freedom

        * Fix check for long double support in goffice.
        * Import legend and axis labels fonts from excel
          in charts. [#437858]
        * Fix performance issues in float_range_function2 and
          fn-tsa plugin.

        * Fix drawing of large cursor while sheet scrolls. [#444610]
        * Fix drawing of merged cells in RTL. [#442463], [442467]
        * Fix editing in RTL, and for merged cells.
        * Properties to store fine tuned capabilities in protected sheets.
        * Read/Write of protected sheet capabilities for XLS/XLSX.
        * Move the OpenPkg support code into libgsf from our xlsx plugin.
        * Fix placement of validation combo in merged cells.
        * Eval validation functions as arrays.
        * Make Morten's pdf exporter available from gnumeric too.
        * Start to implement limits to selection in protected sheets.
        * Handle array expressions in SYLK importer.
        * ODF import/export for hidden and RTL sheets.
        * Fix redraw of spanning cells when toggling RTL.
        * Work around ODF's lack of a default col/row style.
        * Fix crash in t-test. [#450676].
        * Sylk import support for arrays, and encoding.
        * Sylk export.
        * Configurability for which direction <Enter> moves.
        * Calc property import/export for xlsx.
        * Update validation combo moving between identical styles. [#453525]
        * Patch the problems found by coverity.
        * Fix win32 docs. [#443726]
        * Be more flexible about range relocation for ins/del cells. [#439347]

        * Make ssconvert able to export to pdf.  [#381965]
        * Fix loading of tab text colour.  [#437743]
        * Improve handling of foreign recently-used files.  [#438918]
        * Improve save-on-exit dialog.
        * Fix potentially confusing save-in-wrong-format-on-exit bug.
        * Tentatively fix issue with recent Pango.  [#440514]
        * Provide good mime type for recent documents.
        * Fix localized-format problem in cell format dialog.  [#442657]
        * Fix R1C1 problem.  [#443832]
        * Fix performance problem when selecting large areas.  [#445617]
        * Fix loading/saving of R1C1 attribute.  [#448714]
        * Fix overflow problem when int!=long.  [#458158]

Nils Kanning :
        * Fix the inline documentation for python addins. [#412804]

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